Today’s Featured Millionaire

Have you ever heard of Dong Nguyen, Well sure you have if you play the popular game app called Flappy Bird 🙂 it was downloaded more than 51 Million times and made him millions of dollars in only 60 Days ..Wow what an accomplishment.

Now here’s the kicker, after the game became so addictive and popular enough to earn Dong over $50,000 per day he decided that the App was to addictive and deleted it.

Wow not only did he delete his app he deleted his 50k income per day. Now that’s what you heard but actually the game still pays Dong based on ad impressions that still are being served to current users.

Let’s give this guy an entrepreneurial salute for earning a ton of cash enabling him to make choices in life. As we always say, the more money you have the more choices you can make.

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