From one up and coming Millionaire to another

Make millions

What it takes to continue growing your multi-million dollar empire are things that no other person on this earth can conceive unless they are up when you are, sleep when you sleep and working while you are… If people are taking the same step towards wealth as  most millionaires take well then and only then will they understand what it takes to build wealth and become one of the few, the proud the Millionaires.

Nothing is easy but I can tell you one thing.. IF you are smart with your money and only IF, then this statement is true, “The richer you are the richer you’ll get” because the more money you make the more you will get and get and get  ahhhh ha ha ha ha. This is a fact… Money makes money not YOU. If you are making money by the hour then you are trading your time for money and there are not enough hours in a day to make you a millionaire this way.

This is how it’s done and let’s start with one item.. Start with that item and sell it for a profit, buy it again and sell it again and repeat the process. Sounds easy right ? Well this is where the average minds and the  millionaire minds are separated .  The average minds will think WOW I’ve flipped this product several times and made several thousand dollars so now it’s time to buy a car, put a deposit on a home or some other big ticket item and maybe they will continue doing this throughout their life.

The millionaire mind will look at this money and say ok I have several thousand dollars and let’s increase the momentum, time to buy more product and more and more and more turning thousands into more thousands and ultimately into millions. Once you are on to something throw gasoline on it, don’t stop, stall or settle for that small taste of  middle class luxury comfort perception.  Go for reality, that realness of looking into that acct and seeing $300.000.00  or $500,000.00 in your account. Remember that your small idea is not small unless you stop, stall or settle for mediocracy. Fight for your dreams and Keep feeding your business. Do not take a Glamour break and ruin the chance for “YOUR MONEY TO WORK FOR YOU”  If you are on that 9 to 5 clock ..GET OFF ASAP and remember that there are not enough hours in a day to become a millionaire based on hourly pay unless you are getting $3,000 or more per hour.



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