The 1 Million Dollar Watch

Million Dollar watch at

We are speaking about the Richard Mille Mclaren watch. The most lightweight watch in the world to command such a price. This watch is made with top notch parts, No gold or Diamonds by the way so don’t try to add up any diamond or gold weight while calculating this watch value.

Richard Mille is no slouch when it comes to passionately creative designs and materials (possible understatement of the year, though the year is still young). However, in breaking new ground for this particular watch, it took a partnership between the Swiss watchmaker, famed British Formula 1 automaker McLaren, and Nobel Prize-winning scientists from the University of Manchester. The product of their collaboration is a case that marries titanium, carbon TPT (thin-ply technology), and a Richard Mille exclusive and apparent watchmaking first: Graph TPT, better known as graphene, that is six times lighter than steel and 200 times as strong. It’s on the cutting edge of materials research and sets the bar for lightweight strength in timepieces. How can you not love this guy and his watches.

Stylish watch for the businessman who loves sporty watches, colorful enough for that one man who wants to say HEY, I’m wearing one million bucks on my arm and your watch is barely a limited edition Timex number 12,000,005.94. Good luck in the watch world and stay tuned to Cullen for more speciality watch news and wise cracks 🙂
Richard Mille Mclaren Watch

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