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You wanna be a boss, then start bossing and stop complaining. Start leading and get your ass from the back of the line my friend. Get off the damn bus and start driving you hear me loud and clear ? All of the watches I post on my site here are bosses watches so don’t even bother to check their price if you are not willing or have not been willing to do the things that it takes to be a complete WINNER…Winner Winner Money Dinner that’s that I say boys and girls.

There are ways to win and ways to Lose, Lose sit on your ass and watch it grow. Win you are up early and outta that bed looking for ways to increase your income. You are searching for new income streams. Let me tell you about income and income streams. Income is just taking your ass to work everyday and watching the fuckin clock.

Don’t get me wrong, to get your income streams going you have to take your ass to work and get screwed outta your valuable life and time one hour at a time for that nine dollars and zero cent. Who the fucks gonna give you money to start your business, grab a piece of your dream and retire early ?? NOBODY, did you hear me, I said NO FREAKING BODY is gonna give you a damn quarter, peso, yen or Canadian Dollar for free.

Here is the secret for that sauce, work 9 to 5, manage your money, I’m not gonna say finances because I know that 9 bucks don’t fuckin add up to shit so I’m just gonna say manage the money you have the best you can and Immediately, I mean Immediately stop buying Stupid SHIT.. hey at 9 bucks an hour why the fuck are you even thinking about feeding Frank Mueller, Gucci or Louis Vuitton your fucking hard earned piece meal cash ??

If it’s not FOOD to feed your pie hole, heat to warm up milk for your baby mama, rent to pay fuckhead or Toilet paper to wipe your ass then DO NOT SPEND that shit.. The extra money earned from this job right now is worth more than gold. Why is it worth more than gold ?? Because that shit is harder to get than fuckin gold of you got cash to buy it but you don’t.

If you want to win you’ll take that paragraph and tape it to your wall, the wall that has the peeling wallpaper on it, yeah that one. Now once you have saved up some spare cash to work with after you paid your landloard who by the way didn’t bother to fix the garage door last month, don’t worry about that, there’s no fuckin car in it anyway.

So we have our few hundred dollars spare cash now, we are starting small but we are building our FIRST income stream designed to bring in spare cash while we sleep, while we work and while we go out get pumped up and try anal for the first time. income streams are just that, streams of income coming in from everywhere but you want to focus on how you create these streams so that you can become a fuckin income stream Killer out in dem streets.
Click here to even get paid to doo surveys.. You’re on fuckin facebook all damn day why not survey your ass to financial freedom but this is one way to take advantage of your free time. While you’re at your job in the toilet waiting for that 9 to 5 clock to say 5:00 take a few surveys a day and by the end of the month it will add up to more than you had in the beginning.

Take Surveys and create another Income Stream

Ok have you heard of CPA Marketing ?? Well this is FREE to sign up 100% and if you study the craft you can earn up to 50k a month while you’re taking a crap using your bosses toilet tissue. Check it out.
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Ok I’m not talking all night, Thanks for visiting my blog where I tell you like it is and move right the fuck along.. Come back for more and Subscribe to my blog below.

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