Who Came Up With This $100,000 a Year Bullshit I’m Successful Figure

Everyone I talk to in this world who works at nowhere land swears up and down that they bring in 100k a year so let me be the first to say get the fuck outta here. This figure was some big goal from the sky that some idiot came up with about 20 years ago as the big number to push for.

Who the hell put themselves in charge of the middle class dreams to the point where everyone is honed in on a 100k yearly salary as the number to shoot for. First of all let me be the first to say it.. GET THE FUCK OFF OF THAT NUMBER…PUT IT OUT OF YOUR HEAD RIGHT NOW. Have you ever heard of a bigger number like five or ten million dollars, every 20 million ? Yes those numbers exist and yes there are several people who earn those amounts.

Have you ever seen a thousand dollar bill ? Money is out there to be had by anyone willing to go get it and do something called planting seeds and harvesting the reward for your efforts. The next person who comes up to me and says that they make 100 grand a year I’m gonna just punch’em in the fuckin face first for lying and second for not setting their goals any higher than 92% of the rest of the population who has gotten them damn selves brainwashed by the ole 100k get screwed number outta the sky.

Take a half of a deep fuckin breath, close your sand filled eyes and gimmie another fuckin number to look at. Please tell that your goal is at a minimum 500k A YEAR TO START with and you have my blessings to think bigger, perform more and earn more. There is NO LAW that says that you must only shoot for 100 grand so please get that number outta your head, it’s a bullshit figure and YOU DESERVE MORE and as much as you can get.

Wanna learn how and where to earn more money ? I’ll be showing you as my blog grows, there is more than enough money and chances for everyone to be wealthy according to their definition of wealth. If you really want to end your life with the saying on your grave “ He finally made 100k Yesterday then he died “ Then stick at that number and barely achieve it for the next 30 years in a row.

I say Shoot High, AIM High, Go Long, Hail Mary your ass and go for a few million with a plan to bite that shit off one strategy or one plan and one step at a time. You’re not gonna make a million dollars over night but if you keep shooting for 100k then you absolutely have no chance. Aim high hit in the middle or at the top but do not aim low and hit low.

Cullen Darby – Signing out Shiiiiiiiiiiiittt

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