Ferrari Life – Are you cut out for it ?

Ferrari’s are not made over night and you’re sure not going to get one overnight. Ask most of the Ferrari owners what their job is, what have they done to get to that level and 99% of them will tell you that they either worked like a dog for the last 30 years or flipped real estate or created their business when they were very young.

Listen to what I am saying, daily efforts and the planting of seeds become the reality of your harvest. This Ferrari is their reality, it can be yours if you put the effort into it and I mean serious dedication and commitment to success with a capital C.

Ferrari owners are:
1.Not Complaining
2.Not Sleeping all day
3.Not Afraid to TAKE RISK
4.Not Using scared money,scared money never wins

I’ll tell you some facts .. I afraid to buy a new home until I brought a new home
I was afraid to open a business until I opened my first business
I was afraid to trade stocks until I picked up a book and learned in 3 days 🙂
I was afraid to not be afraid until I became fearless, motivated and confident about moving forward and getting everything that I want and NEED in life. Don’t be greedy for material things be greedy for growth in your life, be greedy to put yourself in the position to help others on your team and in your family.

Grow for the best reasons and have fun when you get there. If you can stay positive and keep planting those seeds you will get there someday. Reward yourself and do not leave others in the cold. Share your success without being stupid, care for others without being taken advantage of and set limits with your wealth that will ultimately protect you from bankruptcy and ruin.

It’s time to stop reading for today and go get some success, plant your seed today and let’s talk about the harvest tomorrow.

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