The seeds that are the cause of success

How did you succeed

I wanted to talk about the seeds of success and what causes success overall. Success is not going to happen or be created overnight unless you wake up to a nice day at the lottery commissioners office to sign your winning check.

I wanted to show you something, in the photo you see a view but more importantly is what caused me to photo this view and why. 3 Months ago I planted a seed, I logged in online and signed up for a real estate course because I knew that it was time to plant another seed of success.

I studied, passed the exam and after only 3 months I am heading quickly towards my very first sale of almost 3 million dollars. Where I’m from you would have to sell about 80 houses to total 3 million bucks but where I am is not where I am from.

Surround yourself with what you want to be by also being where you want to be. That one real estate seed that I planted will gross me about $90,000 first home sold ever. You are looking at the view from the property that I just sold. Now ladies and gentlemen remember that success is planting your seed and starting with a plant in a cup but ending with 1,000,000 acres of trees to sell and nurture into more trees.

Aim higher than you thought you would ever see and you’ll be where you thought you will never be. This story is real folks, I’m in the process of a few deals and I have no doubt that I should be selling over 7 million in real estate this month alone.

I could have never tried to sell real estate and I could have continued to think and wonder would I ever be able to sell anything if I were to become a real estate agent. Would I ever sell even one property that could sell for over a million dollars. I’m an Entrepreneur who has a certain level of success but why not keep moving up and forward.

Never stop growing, I’m outta here because I have more seeds to plant.

Cullen Darby
Seed Planter and winner – Join me PLEASE

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