Dress for Success What ???

So the quote for your successful day is usually Dress For Success.. Hmmm I think not
I think that you better be ready mentally and physically before you even think about getting dressed. So tell me, are you going to send a dumbass out there to face the world looking like a Million bucks but performs like 4cent.

I hope you are not so gullible to believe that your suit will get you through any door, hallway or elevator pitch 🙂 not gonna happen sir or ma’am or mister or young grasshopper. If you don’t believe me just take a trip to Silicon Valley and see half of the job applicants doing job interviews wearing flip flops and shorts ha ha ha..

They know that they have what it takes, they know that their brain is filled with so much computer knowledge and code that you had better hire them if you know what’s best for your company. Go ahead and let them walk out the door because they are not wearing a suit and the next day you read in the paper that your competitors just hired a computer genius ha ha ha..

So be prepared with what’s inside your head before you count on a suit to do the job for you. Dress your mind to impress and walk into that interview with inner confidence beyond anything that Louis Vuitton has ever even imagined.

Cullen Darby – Back at cha

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