My Billionaire Friends Fake Watch is Giving Me a Headache

Fake Watch

Yes my friend is an older guy who happens to be a billionaire and a couple things are bothering me about him. His Fake Watch and His Old Ass Flip Phone. ☎️
So why is it bothering me so much, it’s killing me because I use so much of my cash on owning some of the top watches and the one guy who can buy the watches and the entire watch store wears a Fifty Dollar Fake watch and I won’t say what watch but Frank Muller comes to mind hint hint..

Now I am forced to make a point about this post, that point is to stop being a Brand name slave, stop setting up your second home at Louis Vuitton store and start focusing on what’s important…SUCCCESS, HEALTH, FAMILY, MAN UPSTAIRS. Supporting your favorite brand shop is not on my list and never will be.

It’s hard to give up on my favorite watches like Rolex, Richard Millie, Hublot and others but I have to start following examples and learn by others lessons and mistakes. Put your mind on your goals, Keep your mind on your dreams and focus on those things.

Think about what you really NEED in life and get serious about it. Seriously put yourself in the what do I really need challenge and start living with only what you need to live with. Stop living with what Mr.Jones has and what Mrs.Jones is about to buy.

I’m Outta here and I’m not walking past my favorite watch store today or anytime soon. Gotta be a Billionaire some day 🙂

Cullen Darby

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